Celebrate British Flower Week

Celebrate British Flower Week

This week’s celebration is “British Flower Week” a chance to celebrate British flowers.

British cut flowers are enjoying a resurgence in demand as people want to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of locally grown flowers and foliage.
coppelia-house-flower-arrangementPersonally I love fresh flowers. My favourites are sweet peas and peonies and they make me smile seeing them in a vase at home. Coppelia House usually have some stunning design arrangements using peonies and an assortment of foliage from the garden. They are usually lucky enough to be donated dahlias which also look beautiful around the home.

Residents at Cornerways are always keen to have a flower arranging competition. Maybe they will try and copy one of designers of the Flower Week who are commissioned to create 15 exquisite designs.

Residents at Plymbridge House are busy ensuring their garden is stunning and are hoping to win Plymouth in Bloom for the third year running.

I am sure we will have some interesting conversations reminiscing about flowers. I recently learnt that my father bought my mum a bunch of flowers on his way home at the end of each week when they were first married, a gentleman told us he bought red roses on their wedding anniversary with the number of stems representing years married.

If you are visiting one of our homes perhaps bring a bunch of fresh British flowers with you or perhaps you’d like to come volunteer in our gardens or arranging flowers within the home. We would love to have more volunteers and never say no to a fresh bunch of British flowers.

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