Mocktail celebrations

Mocktail celebrations

Homes within the Peninsula group have decided to host mocktail celebrations as suggested by Managing Director, Louise Arnold as a novel way of promoting hydration.

Cornerways commence celebrations tomorrow during their throwback Thursday discussion regarding holidays.  A great way to get into the reminiscing mood is to have a cocktail in your hand.  Parklands will be hosting their afternoon next Monday.  Bramble Down residents have requested cocktail shakers and fancy straws to help enjoy the afternoon.

Residents are going to be treated to a selection of mocktails including the ‘Ray Rogers’, ‘Shirley Temple’, ‘Sparkling virgin Sangria’ to name a few.  The drinks are being accompanied by fruit platters, another good source of hydration.  For example, watermelon is 92 percent water, grapefruit and strawberries are around 90 percent

We continually look at ways to ensure residents receive optimum food and drink as it encourages wellbeing, health and hydration.  Improving hydration in residents can have positive results, such as reduction in falls, prevention of some UTI’s and can assist in the prevention of pressure sores to name a few.

The mocktail afternoon is just one food and drink themed activity arranged within our homes.  Residents often enjoy coffee mornings with homemade cakes, Country themed meals,  treats dipped in chocolate fountains, sherry parties and cheese and wine tasting.

We continually look to promote nutrition and if this can be done in a fun and sociable environment, then all the better.

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