Moretonhampstead Carnival 2016

Moretonhampstead Carnival 2016

This year the Carnival will be taking place on Thursday 25th August which is part of Carnival week in Moretonhampstead.    The Carnival has been running for around 90 years, stopping only during the war years.  The funds raised used to go to local hospitals until the hospitals were taken over by the Health Service.  Since then money raised is used to support local organisations.

The carnival remains a really popular event with activities leading up to the grand procession.  Coppelia residents have been invited to be unofficial judges on the day which is an honour. Residents will be able to issue rosettes to floats and walking entries.


During carnival week there is a tea dance and baby show.  Coppelia have adapted the Carnival programme and will be having a mocktail afternoon whilst listening and dancing to their visiting entertainer Rob on 24th.  There will also be a ‘guess the baby competition’ – residents will be trying to match baby pictures to staff members.

Usually you find an area reserved outside Coppelia so that our residents can enjoy watching the carnival procession on an assortment of benches.  This year residents are entering the carnival as a static float entry.  I think residents will certainly be having some fun with the theme “you are never too old to have fun- let us be the judge of that one!”  After the procession there is dancing in the Square to the Thorvertones although our residents are usually ready to retire to the comfort of their rooms by then.

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