Last Night of the Proms

Last Night of the Proms

A guest blog by Dianne Gregory, Business Manager, for Peninsula Care Homes Ltd.

My grandmother (91yrs), a retired teacher always comments that when it’s ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ it’s back to school and the start of darker evenings…

She is a lover of classical music, but maintains that the ‘Last Night’ is not necessarily the best night for classical music enthusiasts and more a performance of fun and patriotism.  Whilst chatting I said one of my favourite pieces was Adagio for Strings, a powerful piece of music by Samuel Barber, she screwed up her nose and said ‘sentimental’ and ‘sad’…

This generated a long conversation about music and memories, I had remarked that Adagio for Strings reminds me of Remembrance Sunday and the film ‘Platoon’ and perhaps that’s why it has such sentimental vibes.  She said the most sentimental tune for her was ‘And the Merry Go Round Broke Down’ more commonly known as the original theme tune to Looney Tunes, I was astonished and asked why?  She explained that she would listen to my grandfather and his friends whistling this tune in the streets whilst waiting to be ‘called up’ (circa 1939)

Wow! (with a lump in my throat) it really is quite remarkable how music provokes such strong memories, and, that our minds can store this information, even after 72 years.

For people living with a dementia, music is an excellent way of reaching beyond the disease, ask someone close to recall a musical memory – you may be surprised at the answer!

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