Guest Blog: Why have we started painting our doors?

Guest Blog: Why have we started painting our doors?

Peninsula Care Homes Care Manager, Margaret Haxton, reveals why we have decided to start painting our doors.

DOOR: a movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, cupboard, or vehicle, usually a solid panel, hinged to or sliding in a frame.
SYNONYMS: portal, opening, hatch, entrance, entry, exit, egress.

10 Downing Street: The door to democratic leadership

You may notice that we have started to paint internal doors in some of our homes. We were initially inspired to paint shared bathroom doors a different colour as research suggests this will assist residents in identifying the bathroom.

More recently we have commenced a programme of painting front doors. Peninsula Care Homes see our resident’s doors as the entrance to their individual lifestyles. Where possible residents are able to choose the shade of their front door from a range of colours. Benefits include helping residents find their own room and allows each resident to individualise the entrance to their room.

A relative who spoke on behalf of her mother was delighted that her mother was able to choose the colour of her new “Front Door” and as a team we had succeeded in providing personalised care.

Peninsula take pride in meeting all our resident’s needs in all aspects of their social and healthcare requirements, by adding small changes like ‘doors’ we also support residents in environment choices too. We are really pleased with the colourful results and hope you are too…

When we care for others we must open the door to our hearts, and never let the Key get rusty, if it does, lubricate it liberally with the Six C’s of Care:

Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment

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