National Walking Month

National Walking Month

May is #NationalWalkingMonth, when campaigners encourage individuals to try and walk more.  There are many suggestions: trying walking to school or work, add 20 minutes walking to your day.  People have so many different motivations for walking – it may be just the need to get outside, experience new surroundings or even just out of necessity.

Across our homes we have many keen walkers.  Irene loves to go for a fast pace walk, often taking a staff members dog with them.  They walk for miles but occasionally like to take the bus back up the hill to Parkland House.  There has been more walking at Bramble Down including trips to the local pub, and exploring the village.  Cornerways is lucky to be so close to Preston Sands, a beautiful stretch of beach dotted with beach huts. 

We hope that you enjoy some walking during May.  If you don’t fancy walking but want to read a good book about a couple walking I highly recommend The Salt Path by Raynor Winn.  Described as “An astonishing narrative of two people dragging themselves from the depths of despair along some of the most dramatic landscapes along the South West Coast Path, looking for a solution to their problems and ultimately finding themselves.”  Enjoy the book and walking!

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