Month: July 2018

Guest Blog: Cornerways RM Debbie Flynn shares her career experience in the care industry.

Guest Blog: Cornerways RM Debbie Flynn shares her career experience in the care industry.

Have you thought about a career in care?  Our Manager of Cornerways, Debbie shares her journey as she progressed within Cornerways.

I had worked in retail and then an office based environment for many years and did not think I would be able to have a career in the care industry.

I had previously helped look after my grandad and I thought I could do a better job than the carers that we were paying were doing.

They were asking him if he wanted to do things instead of encouraging him, for example do you want a shave and not getting the hot soapy water and shaving things to prompt him.  As he was of the generation where he did not want to bother anyone and he would just say no I`m fine.

I was totally frustrated by this experience as we were paying for an hour of care a day and they were with him for less than 10 minutes.  It was this insight into the care industry that became my inspiration to make a change and a difference.

I stopped the carers we were paying for and supported the rest of the family to look after him properly.  After losing my Grandad I thought I would love to do this for a job, so I applied to Cornerways for a care assistant`s job.  I applied because I had a lot of common sense and the ability to communicate and listen which I feel are the main skills required as it is not rocket science.

The opportunities were available for me to progress quickly as I had the determination and focus.  I achieved my NVQ`s in social care, which led me to become a senior carer then team leader.  In June 2014 I was offered the position of Manager and accepted.

Since becoming manager I have continued my learning.  I still remember my Grandad and take special care of all my residents to ensure they have the care they deserve.

We are always looking for individuals who wish to start or progress their careers in the care industry.  As a company we offer a lot of training but you need to have the compassion and willingness to make the difference.

Current roles we are recruiting for include a Quality Assurance Manager, Registered Manager (Nursing), Registered Manager (Residential), Senior Care Assistant, Care Assistants and Domestic Assistants. If you or someone you know may be interested in applying for care work, please visit our Indeed Career Page

The importance of hydration

The importance of hydration

Hydration one of life’s essentials and yet in this summer heat are we all hydrated enough?

Our homes are aware of the risk of dehydration and actively encourage each other as well as residents to stay hydrated. A variety of drinks are available throughout the day, the activity staff are using their creative skills to create hydration themed events. In recent days homes have had “happy hour”, mocktail making and make your own smoothie.

Our kitchens are also helping to keep everyone hydrated by making and serving high fluid fluids. Some foods have included jelly and milk pudding, fruit platters, ice lollies and sorbets.

At our Manager’s meeting last week we enjoyed elderflower cordial made by Coppelia residents.

So whatever you are doing make sure you’re keeping well hydrated.